Winston Runners


    1. Name

The name of the club shall be “Winston Runners”

    2. Club Colours

The Club colours shall be navy blue and white

    3. Objectives of the Club

3.1 To encourage and promote running at all levels

3.2 To provide training for all levels in line with UK Athletics rules and regulations

3.3 To encourage participation at local, national and international events

3.4 To involve members and guests in organised social activities

3.5 To develop the profile of the club within the local community

    4. Management of the Club

4.1 The Committee shall consist of :-
    • Chair
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Men’s Captain
    • Ladies Captain
    • Head Coach
    • Website & Communications Officer

4.2 The roles of the committee officers will be reviewed and open for election each year at the Club’s AGM

4.3 The Committee can co-opt additional members to the committee and may also appoint sub-committees to undertake any tasks that are necessary to fulfil the activities of the Club. The committee may make decisions by electronic communication involving all committee members

4.4 The Committee shall meet on the first Tuesday of each month unless otherwise agreed by the Committee

4.5 The quorum for any Committee meeting shall be at least 5 Committee members 

4.6 All decisions made shall be by majority vote of those members present at the meeting

4.7 The committee will be responsible for setting the policies and rules for the club

    5. Membership

5.1 The Membership year will commence on the 1st day of April and will end on the last day of March

5.2 Members will be amateurs as defined by UK Athletics and will consist of members and honorary members

5.3 Honorary members may be nominated by the Committee and are not required to pay the annual subscription fee and will not be entitled to voting rights. 

5.4 The minimum age for club membership is 16 years. Under 16s cannot be offered membership to the club and must be accompanied by an adult 

5.5 Application for membership must be made using the Club’s official application and subscription form and subscription fees must be paid at the time of application

5.6 Members can consist of people over 16 years who wish to support the objectives of the club, but who do not actively participate in running as competitors 

5.7 All paying members will have full voting rights and be eligible to stand for office

    6. Subscriptions

6.1 The annual subscription will be proposed by the Committee and agreed at the AGM. For competing members, this will include the fee for registration with England Athletics.

6.2 Subscriptions will be payable on application and thereafter annually on 1st April each year

6.3 Between February and March each year all members will be reminded of the membership renewal and subscription fee due date and it will be their responsibility to ensure that they complete the form and return it with their fee by 1st April each year 

    7. Disciplinary Procedure

Should the Club feel that any member has acted in breach of the Club Constitution or whose behaviour is not conducive to the aims and interests of the club, these matters will be dealt with in accordance with and guidance from the rules of the local office of UK Athletics 

    8. Finance

8.1 The Club financial year will commence on 1st April and will end on the last day of March each year

8.2 The Treasurer will ensure that all funds from the Club are deposited with a bank or building society with the account in the name of the Club

8.3 There will be three designated signatories to the account

8.4 The Treasurer will be responsible for preparing and presenting annual accounts to the AGM 

8.5 An auditor who is not a member of the Club Committee shall be appointed to audit the accounts prior to presentation at the AGM

    9. Annual General Meeting

9.1 The AGM shall be held during March and the following business undertaken:-
    • The minutes of the previous AGM and any EGM held during the year shall be approved
    • The reports of the Chairman, the Treasurer and the Secretary will be read and discussed
    • The audited accounts will be presented for approval
    • Committee Officers will be elected

9.2 At least three weeks’ notice of the date of the meeting shall be given in writing to all members together with a copy of the Agenda for the meeting

9.3 Members wishing to submit proposals for the meeting must do this in writing to the Secretary at least 2 weeks before the meeting

    10. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

10.1. An EGM may be called by the Committee to discuss changes to the Constitution and Rules or any other pressing matter of Club business which cannot wait until the AGM.

10.2. Members will be notified in writing of the date of the EGM together with the details of the business to be discussed.

    11. Amendments to the Constitution

11.1 Any amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by either the Committee or by Club members at either the AGM or an EGM. Any amendment to the Constitution can only be carried if supported by two thirds of the members present and eligible to vote, other than amendments impacting section 12 (Dissolution of the Club), which must be agreed in advance, at a committee meeting, by at least two thirds of the committee membership and then approved at a an AGM or EGM by at least three quarters of the members present.

    12. Dissolution of the Club

12.1 If, at a general meeting, a resolution is passed to dissolve the Club, then a separate EGM will be called, for the specific purpose of disolving the club. If, at the separate EGM, at least two thirds of the members present, the Club will be dissolved.

12.2 The Committee will be responsible for settling all the liabilities of the Club and will decide on where any funds remaining will be donated. Any funds remaining, after the settling of any liabilities, must be donated to a registered charity. 

[ This Constitution replaces any previous Constitution as held by the Winston Runners and was formally adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on 27th March 2018 ]