Winston Runners


    Role of Chair

1. To ensure that the Committee manages and oversees the running of the club 

2. Liaises with the Secretary in agreeing and preparing Agendas for meetings

3. Leads meetings and steers the agenda appropriately

4. Ensures that decisions made by the Committee are carried out

5. Represents the club


    Role of the Treasurer

1. Responsible for all the income and expenditure for the club

2. Keeps up to date accounts and reports to the Committee on spending

3. Chases up any sponsorship on behalf of the club

4. Attends meetings involving funding for the club

5. Liaises with Secretary with regard to the payment of affiliation fees for England Athletics

6. Purchasing of club kit


    Role of Secretary

1. In liaison with the Chairman, plan and prepare agendas for meetings

2. Distributes Agendas and appropriate papers in advance of meetings

3. To take and distribute minutes of meetings 

4. In liaison with the Treasurer, ensure the process for affiliation to England Athletics is carried out in a timely manner

5. Acts as main point of contact for the club

6. In liaison with the Website and Communications Officer, keep an up to date e-mail address book and act as central point for email distribution

7. Deals with all correspondence relating to the club

8. Along with the Website and Commincations Officer, to enter the details of new affiliated members to the England Athletics portal


    Role of Head Coach

1. To liaise with Men’s and Ladies Captains and club coaches in the co-ordination of a 3 month coaching rota  in advance for the Tuesday track sessions, to include coaching for Personal Best and beginners sessions

2. Keep updated with available training courses 

3. Organise training for club members who are interested in coaching 

4. To ensure coaching licences and training is up to date

5. To be responsible for identifying and purchasing any equipment that might be needed to aid training

6. To keep the Committee updated on any issues or concerns with regard to coaching/training 


    Role of the Men’s and Ladies Captains

1. Co-ordinate induction of new members to the club

2. Prepare and update race calendar to include local, national and international races

3. Manage the club's cross country team

4. Work with Head Coach in the co-ordination of coaching/training 

5. To inform the Committee of any problems or concerns that they need to be aware of


    Role of Website and Communications Officer

1. Oversees the management of the club’s website, including any registration and fees payable 

2. Collates information from other committee members to ensure that the website is current and up to date 

3. To liaise with the Men’s and Ladies Captains to ensure that race information is updated regularly

4. To liaise with Committee members with regard to advertising and the publicity and promotion of the club

5. To establish and management the database of details of club members

6. In liaison with the treasurer:
    - ensure that all members are reminded in good time of the fees payable for renewal of their membership which is due on 1st April each year
    - ensure that all members complete an application/subscription form and that the fee and the for are submitted to the treasurer
    - once payment of fees has been recorded by the treasurer, ensure all members details are recorded on the database

7. Along with the Secretary, to enter the details of new affiliated members to the England Athletics portal